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hey everyone so it has been a hella long time since i have posted and spoke with ya'll and for that i am truly sorry!!!

life has been hella busy but I am finally getting a grip on things! so I wanted to make a ontest to kind get everyone stretching their fingers!

So basicly this contest is going to be a little cute thing!

The Theme will be of course Spring festivities!!!!

With having such a long winter here in the states it has gotten a bit gloomy and i desperately want it to warm up! so im hosting this contest!

The rules and deets!

ok so as always the rules of the page stand if it is mature in content please put a warning in it! one entry per type per person. so in other words you may do one pic and one fict. you can do only a fict or only a pic or both but only one of each!

for ficts and pics first place gets

1. fict (of any rating and content)
1. Llama badge
5 points!

second recieves
1. fict (of any rating and content)
1.llama badge

short fict and llama badge

Now i will state if you win a place in one category you are not eligible for the other to make it fair and give more winners!

the dead line will be the end of the month at midnight!
Good luck and any questions feel fee to ask
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rule book

:bulletred: this is my first group. anyone is allowed to join and submit stuff. i just have some guidelines that need to be followed. please abide by these rules. otherwise there will be consequences for your actions mainly for rule 3. it is the main one that i'm really picky about. i'm trying to create an environment where artist feel free to post things here and not have to worry about someone else stealing their hard work basically their blood, sweat, and tears into making them.

1. :bulletpurple: for all literature needs to be put through spell check. i'm a stickler for things that i are not spelled correctly. unless it is part of their dialect. grammar i'm not as forceful unless it is totally atrocious. i make mistakes all of the time thats why i'm not that awful about grammar. as long as it is readable. i'm not looking for a college grade paper okay.

2. :bulletblue: absolutely no bashing of any kind is allowed. if you have something to say about a particular piece make sure that it is about the content rather than the pairing. i will find you and kick you out if you violate this rule over a period of time. so only constructive criticism please.

3. :bulletgreen: if i find out anyone stealing someone else's artwork or story and claiming it as there own. you will be banned. this is a serious offense therefore serious action must be as equal as the crime. i will not tolerate it in this group. it's just common courtesy. don't do unto others what you wouldn't want done to yourself.

4. :bulletpink: have fun with it. please have an open mind about other people's artwork. because thats what it is work. we put a lot of time and effort to make it what it is.


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